About brand HockeyMAN

HockeyMAN trademark was registered by the Canadian Intellectual Property Organizaion in 2004. Brand HockeyMAN has become increasingly popular and well known in the world of ice hockey in the last 10 years. Presently over 100,000 of both professional ice hockey players and amateurs own HockeyMAN branded clothing.

HockeyMAN slogan is "Ice hockey for life!".

Our products

Our sports clothing are universal as you can wear it both while in training and as casual outfits. In fact, most sports people choose to wear our sports clothing casually as our products are renowned for their quality and comfort. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our clients strongly recommend our products to their family and friends.

We guarantee that our products will be the pride of your sports wardrobe. If Ice Hockey is in your heart, you would choose to wear HockeyMAN brand.