Brand HockeyMAN

HockeyMAN trademark was registered by the Canadian Intellectual Property Organizaion in 2004. Brand HockeyMAN has become increasingly popular and well known in the world of ice hockey in the last 10 years. Presently over 100,000 of both professional ice hockey players and amateurs own HockeyMAN branded clothing.

HockeyMAN slogan is "Ice hockey for life!".

Even though we were established not so long ago, our brand is well recognised and respected in the marketplace
Our ice hockey products are stylish, comfortable and high-quality
We are well known in America, Europe and Asia

HockeyMAN is looking for new business partners to share successes of our existing and developing products and services. One of our new projects is an upcoming launch of hockey professional clothing. We would be open to any suggestions including new shareholdings in the company.

Предлагаем Вам стать бизнес партнёром компании HockeyMAN для выпуска всей линейки имеющейся и будущей продукции. Планируется запуск выпуска хоккейной экипировки. Возможно приобретение доли в уставном капитале фирмы.

HockeyMAN 正在寻找新的合作伙伴与其分享制作现有产品的经验及未来产品的开发与拓展。 在众多未来新项目中有一项是制作曲棍球的制服球衣。我们将向各大投资者公开征求意见以便未来更好的合作。